Sago Network Sanitation in Papua New Guinea

We are very proud of the community benefit based projects we undertake here at Cantilever Consulting Engineers.

We recently worked alongside Sago Collective partnering with HealthabitatWorldskills foundation and Consort Express Lines to design the structure for a new series of sanitation modules being introduced to the Barakau Community in Papua New Guinea.

With an emphasis on local craftsmen and local labour being used rather than outside sources, the modules are designed to be transportable, and easily erected using limited access to tools and expertise. The sanitation modules will greatly improve the sanitation facilities within these communities where plumbing, water and sewage lines are not available. These systems are waterless, relying on organic breakdown of matter over time and rain water collection for hygiene.

Cantilever’s structure comprises interlocking exposed timber beams to create a simple shed structure. The unit is tied down to the ground with concrete footings. The units have been designed to withstand cyclonic conditions, and have already been put to the test as a recent cyclone moved through the area – our structures stayed upright. These systems will now undergo a period of analysis and feedback from local communities before the next version is released, leading to more units gradually make their way in to communities throughout Papua New Guinea.

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